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What Makes Us Different


Whether your case is big or small, the pain you are going through and the losses you have suffered always matter to us. We will never treat your case like it’s just another business transaction.
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We take on only a small number of carefully selected cases so that we are able to thoroughly dedicate our attention to each of our clients’ individual situation. That means we don’t take shortcuts or make compromises when spending more time would get you better results.


We care deeply about our community and are committed to fighting to make the islands of Hawaiʻi safer for all by advocating for safety laws to be improved, holding corporations accountable, and getting unsafe products taken off the market.

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Who We Serve

Our team is dedicated to serving a diverse range of clients, including locals in Hawaiʻi or visitors to the islands, veterans, houseless individuals, immigrants, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Our inclusive approach ensures that everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, receives the legal support and representation they deserve.

At Miyashita & O’Steen, we promote equal access to justice and fair compensation for all.

Our Process

At Miyashita & O’Steen, we strive to provide clients with exceptional services involving thorough investigations and claims building, analysis of insurance coverage and issues, customized strategic litigation planning, navigation of insurance and medical systems, and legal representation for litigation, including trial and appeals.

1. Protect Your Interests

Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Hawaii will work tirelessly to protect your interests by providing expert guidance, preserving crucial evidence, and safeguarding your rights.

The first step is to identify potential at-fault parties.
To preserve your rights, we send out appropriate formal legal notices for preservation of relevant evidence.
2. Build Your Case

We build a strong case by conducting thorough investigations, gathering relevant evidence, consulting with experts, and crafting compelling legal arguments to support your claims.

Each and every claim is carefully investigated to gather evidence and preserve witness statements.
Our experienced attorneys will perform legal analysis to explore all potential claims and causes of action.
Your case is unique, and our aim is to advise you of the best possible course of legal action based on your circumstances.
3. Assist Your Recovery

Our attorneys are prepared to help navigate you through the complex medical system, so you can focus on recovery.

We provide individualized counseling throughout your treatment plan and recovery process.
Knowledgeable staff will retrieve your medical records and bills so that we may fully evaluate your injuries and damages.
As a courtesy to all of our clients, our trained attorneys will negotiate your outstanding medical bills and seek to reduce any insurance liens to the fullest extent.
4. Maximize Your Compensation

We provide expert legal representation to ensure you receive the rightful compensation for your injuries and losses.

Our trained attorneys have experience skillfully negotiating with insurance companies.
Few civil cases actually go to trial these days, and many will settle without ever filing a lawsuit; our attorneys will always advise on what is right and what is best for you.
Miyashita & O’Steen is a full-service litigation law firm, handling every step as needed from the filing of a lawsuit through trial and appeals.

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